Welcome to the Key Corner!

     This web site is in the early stages of construction.  It will continue to grow as I get more familiar with the tools for building it.  Meanwhile, the content of my former can still be accessed at http://sites.google.com/site/wb9lpu/  Because of some changes there, some of the pages do not "work" as intended, but the content is still accessible, and it will be moved over to here as soon as I figure out how to make everything work.  Right now most of the menu tabs do not do what they indicate.

What will be here?


       Well, as the name implies, the site will be largely devoted to telegraph keys of all sorts.  It will include a photo gallery of my collection of commercial, military, and amateur keys, as well as paddles and bugs from a variety of sources.

      Because I am somewhat obsessed with designing and building keys, the site will have lots of pictures and accounts of past, present, and future design projects.  

     There will also be other offerings related to amateur radio, including photos of a modest "boat anchor" collection, CW-related topics, and accounts of homebrew and experimental activities.

     So please bear with me as I "learn the ropes" at QTH.com.  As the site grows and you have comments or criticisms, drop me a line at wb9lpu@earthlink.net.


     vy 73 de Rich, WB9LPU


© 2010 Richard A. Meiss

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